How To Save Money Shopping Online

In this article, I am going to reveal how to save money shopping online. There are two main ways to do it, and they can be combined for maximum savings.

The first way to save money shopping online is by getting cash back. Sound too good to be true? Who is just going to give you cash back for shopping? Well, it is true. There are several cash back sites online that will give you a small percentage of your purchase back in cash.

My favorite cash back site is Ebates. I’ve been shopping through Ebates since 2008 and have saved a ton of money over the years. The way it works is they get a commission from the stores you shop at, and they share it with you. Just as long as you shop through their tracking link, you will get cash back from them.

It is free to sign up for Ebates, and they even give you a $5 cash bonus when you join. You can sign up by clicking the form below:

How To Save Money Shopping Online

The second way to save money shopping online is by using coupon codes. It always surprises me when people tell me they don’t use coupon codes. When you go to check out online, there is usally a box where you can enter coupon codes, and you can save money instantly.

Ebates also gives you access to all the current coupons for each retailer they partner with. This is a really nice feature because it saves you a lot of time searching online for the latest codes. There are tons of expired coupons on the Internet because sites forget to take them down, so you can waste a lot of time trying to find coupons that still work.

The best part is that you can combine these coupon codes with cash back to get extra savings. Smart shoppers are always looking for new ways to save money, and this method truly allows you to get the most savings. By using this method, you can often get things cheaper online than if you were to buy them in stores.

I want to give you an example of a recent purchase I made and how I saved a ton of money. I wanted to make a photo book at, and I noticed that Ebates recently raised their cash back percentage for Snapfish to 20% (score!). Ebates also listed a 50% off coupon for photo books (score again!).

The photo book was originally $29.99, and I saved 50%, bringing the total down to $14.99.

I also purchased a few prints, so my final purchase was $18.86. I got 20% cash back from Ebates, which came out to $3.77.

ebates cash back

That brought my final total down to $15.09 for the photo book and some prints (before shipping and tax). I was happy to get such a great deal, considering I was going to buy the photo book anyway.

I hope this gave you some new ideas on how to save money shopping online. If you are planning to purchase something online, always check for coupon codes, and check Ebates to see how much cash back you can get at different stores. There are often multiple stores that have the same items, but you might be able to get more cash back at one store over another.

Joining Ebates is free, plus you get a $5 cash bonus! You can sign up by clicking the form below:

How To Save Money Shopping Online

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