Holiday Shopping Deals: The Best Is Yet to Come

Do not fret if you missed out on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Retail analysts have said the best deals are yet to come. Discounts will increase the week before Christmas. You can consider the Black Friday promotions to be a baseline for what is to come.

The best holiday shopping deals are never early in the season, and things tend to get cheaper as the holidays get closer. The last few days before Christmas are when the best deals come around.

You may be able to find discounts of 40 to 70% on certain items because retailers make a final push to sell popular gift items. They know these items won’t sell as well after the holidays, so there is pressure to get them off the shelves before the holidays end.

Retail analysts believe that discounts may get broader and cover more items, with more storewide sales as well. You may also see more promotions along the lines of buy two get one free.

There are certain items that will be more discounted than others, so it pays to wait to buy some items over others. You can generally expect better prices in the coming weeks if you wait a little longer to buy toys, electronics, and clothing and accessories.

It is not unusual to see all electronics on sale, including the most desirable products the week before Christmas, which is not what happens on Black Friday. Flatscreen TV prices have fallen and other items such as digital cameras and tablets will also be included in sales.

Even Consumer Reports warned Black Friday shoppers that some of its recommended items such as TVs, cameras, and laptops would be priced at least 5% lower during the weeks following Black Friday.

Toys are another sector that will be taking a hit on prices. Since there isn’t really a hot new product to carry the industry, prices will be cut to boost sales.

There will also be massive discounts on clothing, up to 70% as it gets closer to Christmas. Since apparel is seasonal, discounts will be steep, especially when consumer spending is low. The clothing and accessories industry is not expected to do as well this year as it did last year, so expect to see some major sales.

Some other sectors to look for major discounts are books, music, and sporting goods. These sectors are forecasted to have lower sales growth than last year, so retailers will be offering incentives for shoppers to spend more in these areas.

The one thing you may not be seeing any major discounts on are luxury items. Sales on luxury items are expected to be better than last year, so there will be less discounts.

One thing to be aware of is that some of the items you may be waiting to purchase might not be in stock if you wait too long. It can be difficult to find the items you want in stock in the final days of Christmas because retailers are being much more careful with inventory compared to last year.

The best thing to do if you want to wait to buy something is to ask a salesperson how well the item is stocked. That will give you an idea of how long you can wait to buy it.

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