Ebates Review: Get The Scoop From A Real User

If you shop online and want to save money, do not buy one more thing until you join Ebates! You can get cash back for your all the purchases you normally make if you shop through Ebates.com. Does this sound too good to be true? Well I can assure you that it is 100% legitimate and there is absolutely no catch.

All you need to do to sign up is give them your email so they can notify you when your cash back is credited to your account. There are no forms to fill out, no points to redeem, and no fees. You even get a $5 bonus for signing up.

You can sign up by clicking the image below, or keep reading to find out more about how it works and read my own personal Ebates review where I share my experience using the site.

Ebates Review

Here’s how it works: Online merchants give a commission to Ebates for sending you to the merchant’s site, and Ebates shares a portion of that commission with you. It is very simple and completely on the up and up.

For anybody that has any doubts about whether a check will actually come, here is a scanned check that I received recently.

If you have any further doubts about its credibility, maybe it would make you feel better to know that the people who started it were Deputy District Attorneys from Silicon Valley who used to prosecute online fraud and identify theft before they started the cash back shopping site.

Now I’ll talk a little bit about my own experience using Ebates.com. I first discovered it a few years ago when I was searching for coupons. You can see the latest coupons offered by each store when you shop through the site, and the great thing is that you get cash back on top of those coupons.

So for example, if there were a 20% off coupon code at Nordstrom.com, you would get the 20% discount plus 5% cash back on top of that, essentially 25% off when all is said and done. Every store has a different percentage cash back, so you need to check to see how much cash back you will get. Around the holidays, many stores have double cash back, which is really nice.

When I first discovered Ebates, I was amazed. I had been shopping online for years and had no idea there was such a thing as cash back shopping. All I could think is that I wished I had known about this site sooner!

Now, I do the same online shopping that I always did, but I get cash back on my purchases. I always get excited when I get my cash back check in the mail. The checks are sent out every 3 months after the end of each quarter. It’s a nice surprise each time because I always kind of forget it’s coming.

Shopping through Ebates.com is really easy. They offer cash back and coupons for over 1,200 stores, so find the store you want and click the link to start shopping. You will see something that pops up that is the Ebates tracking ticket with a message that says “You’re on your way to ____% cash back at ____.” Then it takes you to the store, and you complete your purchase as you normally would. You will get an email confirming that you were credited for the cash back, and you can see the amount you got back in your account right away or within a few days.

As long as you saw the tracking ticket pop up before you started shopping, Ebates will get credit for your purchase and the merchant will give them a commission for the sale. Then Ebates will share part of the commission with you. If you happen to return something, then the commission is taken back and you will not get cash back for the items returned.

I use Ebates all the time and I have never had any problems. My purchases are always tracked properly and I see the cash back amount in my account shortly after making the purchase. I have always received my checks every 3 months with no problem.

Another perk that I should mention is you get $5 for every friend that you refer. If you have a lot of friends and family that shop online and do not know about cash back shopping, you can save them a lot of money by sending them to Ebates.com and get a little bonus for yourself.

I wanted to share this Ebates review with you to alleviate any fears you may have had about joining and to assure you that it does work just like it says it does. It is a great way to save money on all your online shopping, and even though you do not get the cash back check right away, money is money no matter when you get it. Think of it as getting a bonus every 3 months that you can use towards paying your bills, for your next online purchase, or however you want.

Bottom line is that you get extra cash that you would not have gotten if you had not used Ebates. You have nothing to lose and only money to save by joining.  Sign up by clicking the image below.

Ebates Review

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